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MGJTYPE.COM was founded in 2011, almost eighty years since the first J types rolled off the production line at Abingdon, England. Over the course of that time, J Types have travelled the world and developed a legendary reputation, along with a loyal following. Some have inherited their wheels, whilst others have chanced upon the model and invested in one for themselves. At all times J Type owners remain temporary custodians of their cars and each leaves their own personal seal on the model, whether that be a full restoration to original specifications, adding a supercharger, changing the colour, replacing the trim, simply driving it, or going to great lengths to try to dig up the history of their car, a history which their very ownership is adding to.

The founder of MGJTYPE.COM was one such individual who just chanced upon the model. A thirteen year search for the right F Magna Tourer, had finally produced a result and restoration was under way. As luck would have it, the search for spare parts one day resulted in the discovery of an unloved and long-forgotten J2, that had been left to the elements on a farm in Scotland. Prior to it's abandonment, it had clearly led a hard life. The remains of both green and red leather seats, were the only creature comforts left in a tattered interior. A home made dashboard with a collection of non-standard Jaeger dials and instruments, reflected the various attempts at home repairs that the car had undergone over it's lifetime. The faded checker-flag paint on the radiator, pointed to a past owner's attempts at sprucing up the car and racing it on some amateur track. 

Despite a budget limited like any other, the desire to save this 'pretty little car' from the scrap heap and offer it the chance of a new life, another eighty years and a similar restoration to that that was in store for the F Magna, was too great. With a little negotiating, pounds were soon exchanged for a title and that first J Type served as the corner stone for the development of this site.